BigFoot Carbon EMB Build

The one thing I love about these carbon fiber boards (over the other wood/composite MTB's available) is the flex - really does help to absorb the harder hits but a slight trade-off with top speed as it also increases you chance of speed wobbles if you're running a looser suspension or cornering feedback from spring trucks.

Carbon Fiber Trampa Original 35* Long Deck

Tramps Kiteboard Bindings (easier "slip out" so you're not going down with the board)

MBS Matrix 2 Trucks

Trampa Fatladz Hubs with 9" Mudplugger Tires (for fun/rougher terrain)

Trampa Superstar Hubs with 8" MBS Dirt Tires (for fun/easy on road and the occasional "shortcut")

All Terrain Creations Motor Mounts (

Dual Flipsky 6374 190kv motors

20t Motor Pulley

65-t Drive Gear (designed & 3D printed in house)

Flipsky 4.20+ w/bluetooth module

Flipsky VX1 Remote w/battery gauge

12s4p Battery - Samsung 30Q cells, BMS (discharge bypassed)

Max Speed: Unknown, but tuned & geared for a moderate ~45mph and easily does wheelies (not purposely at first)

Distance: 25+ miles with 170lb rider 95%/5% on/off road respectively..

(and it's FL so mountains aren't a thing)

Weight: ~33lbs

This has served as one of my main R&D boards as I use it to test just about every part I make, I've put over 500 miles on this setup and it has been by far my favorite board built to date!

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