Road Runner - Custom Hi5ber Raptor Build

After building a number of larger boards I wanted to try something more traditional - even though I couldn't ride a "normal" skateboard to save my life when I was younger I thought this would be a great idea - fun and I wouldn't like it so there's no temptation to keep it.... right? ha

The goods:

  • Hi5ber Raptor Deck - heavyweight since I knew I would be drilling/tapping for the battery tray.

  • TorqueBoard Trucks

  • TorqueBoard Reverse Motor Mounts (but used in reverse, if that makes sense)

  • Dual Flipsky 6354 w/15t gear

  • 110mm Cloud Wheels w/45t 3d-printed gears

Under the hood (battery tray):

  • 12s4p built with Samsung 30Q w/Charge Only BMS (discharge bypassed)

  • Flipsky 4.20+ (built in anti-spark)

  • Flipsky BT module (iPhone/Android Apps for monitoring and tuning)

  • Flipsky VX1 Remote with battery monitor

Build pictures below - first time building a battery tray from Kydex (thanks to my longstanding love of firearms and random woodworking skills and tools)... embarrassing videos of that process are on Instagram if you need a good laugh!

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