Compatible on ALL of the following: Superstar, Megastar, Megastar Deepdish and Phatlads


Designed, printed and tested in sunny Tampa, Florida - our gears weigh less, cost less and are more user friendly than the few steel or aluminum options on the market.


Printed using PLA+ - guaranteed to hold up just as good as aluminum or steel and provide prolonged belt life compared to metal gears (less sharp angles). We back these 100% - if you break it while in normal use (we've pushed these to 60MPH for 20-25 miles on a single charge over and over to attempt to break them) so think of it as a challenge!!


Price includes one (1) gear and five (5) 60mm bolts for installing. Simply deflate your old tire, pull out the stock bolts, push the gear into place, install the included 60mm bolts and reinflate... it's that simple! 


Gears will come in Black or Grey - other colors available upon request but may delay shipping based on availability. 


60T Drive Gear for Trampa Hubs