66 Tooth HTD5x18mm Wheel (Hub) Gear for TRAMPA Wheels including:

Trampa Superstar

Trampa Megastar

Trampa Megastar Deep Dish


Color: Grey - other colors available at request, will be additional shipping times.
Designed, printed and tested in the US. This was specifically designed in house to make a lighter, cheaper and more user friendly gear vs the metal gears. These are printed using PLA+ - guaranteed to hold up just as good as aluminum, weigh less, cost less and provide prolonged belt life compared to metal gears (less sharp angles). We back these 100% - if you break it while in normal use (we've pushed these to 60MPH for 20-25 miles on a single charge over and over to attempt to break them) so think of it as a challenge!! 
Price is per gear and includes all necessary mounting hardware (70mm M4 bolts and lock nuts). These will fit and clear on both 200MM tires and 160MM (torque board tires) without any issues. We can print these in smaller or longer depths to accommodate DIY builds, please send us a message with your request.
  • 1x 66T Gear HTD5 (20mm wide)
  • 5x 70mm M4 Bolts
  • 5x M4 Lock Nuts (fit into slots on gear)
Design services available for custom gears, please email me.


66 Tooth Gear for TRAMPA Hubs