Carbon Fiber PLA+ Case for Focbox Unity with built-in plug XT60 plug extension. The design incorporates a hole to fit the Unity on/off switch, enough opening to run in wiring for sensored motors and you can purchase a 10mm spacer (sold seperately as it is not required) to give a bit more room under the lid for anything additional (i.e. receiver, transmitter, accessory wiring, etc).


This mounts using the existing truck bolts - remove the trucks, line up the holes with the holes in your board, screw the bolts back on. The design has room for the bolts to be countersunk and flush so that extended bolts arent required. This is the standard bolt patter for MBS and Trampa and I have used this design on both boards (until I fried my Unity). 


I want to mention that this design is not posted for a free download and explain my reasoning. Typically I will share everything I create, once I get it perfected, however I will in no way support Enertion - they have refused to warranty my first Unity (even though I bought the warranty) and I have been waiting months for my second Unity I ordered and cannot get them to respond to any of my inquires or provide me with a refund. If you haven't purchased a VESC yet I reccommend the Flipsky VESC's - better performance, lower cost and can handle higher current. 


If you would like an edited version of this design please email me for an estimate - the design fee will vary based on the requested edits. 


Enertion FOCBox Unity Waterproof Enclosure

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